Business Ideas That Can Be Launched for Little or No Money

low cost business startup ideas

You may be filled with entrepreneurial spirit, itching to work for yourself and open your own business, but holding back because you don’t think you’ve got the funds to get your business launched. There are actually a surprising number of businesses that can be started with very little, and sometimes no money at all.

Here are just a few ideas of the businesses you can get started with a small budget.

House Painting

Painting the interior of houses requires a minimal amount of equipment to get started, which means a minimal amount of investment. Most of the equipment is also reusable if you’re cleaning and maintaining it properly, so you can do multiple jobs with your initial investment before having to replace things. And, as your business grows and revenues increase, you can begin expanding the services you provide to include exterior painting and other services.

Window Cleaning

Another great business idea that can be started with basic tools is a window cleaning service. Retail window cleaning could require additional equipment, but a residential window cleaning business can be launched with minimum equipment. There are also no qualifications or training required to do this type of job. Usually a little practice is all it takes to learn how to efficiently and effectively do the job.

Pet Sitting/Walking

If you’re an animal lover, a pet sitting business is a great way to make money and get to spend time with animals. There’s almost no investment needed for this business, as pet owners would typically have everything you need to care for their pets. Your business can offer anything from daily walks to overnight pet sitting. Word of mouth is one of you best ways of advertising this type of business because it takes a great deal of trust in someone to leave a pet with them. So, if you’ve got happy clients, ask them to recommend you to everyone they know. Here are 6 Quick Steps for a Dog Walking Startup to help get your business launched right away.

Cleaning Service

Another business with a low initial financial investment is a cleaning business. Many people would prefer pay someone to clean their home rather than do it themselves, and others don’t have the time to do it themselves. To get started, you’ll need basic cleaning supplies and equipment, much of which you’ll likely already have in your home. Once revenues begin to generate, you can reinvest them into additional supplies and equipment. This is another great business to advertise through word of mouth, so let your clients know that you’re looking to expand your business if they have family or friends who could also use your services. You can find more information about How To Start A Cleaning Business here.

Homemade Soaps

There’s a huge trend towards more natural products, and many people want to avoid the chemicals and other harsh ingredients of store-bought soaps. There are not a lot of materials needed to launch your home-based soap making business and if you don’t already know how to create these, it’s a fairly simple process that you can easily learn online through a number of homemade soap making tutorials.

Logo Design

For those creative-types, you may wish to start a business designing logos and other marketing materials for businesses. This can either be done as a full-time business or part-time to supplement your current income. You will need a computer and the required design programs to do this job properly. These items can be quite costly, but if you have these there wouldn’t be any additional investments required. There are also monthly online options available for many design programs, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, so there isn’t a huge investment needed.

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