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Choosing Between a Not For Profit and Charitable Organization in Canada?

Original Post Date: Jan 14, 2021 There is lots of confusion about the differences between charities and nonprofit entities  available to those individuals who wish... ...
legally change business name

How Do You Legally Change Your Business Name?

Original Publish Date: Oct 14, 2022 Changing the legal name of your Ontario business is a fairly simple process to complete. However, it should be... ...
business partnership

Registering a General Partnership in Ontario

A Firm Name For a General Partnership, General Partnership or GP as commonly called are a business registration form available in Ontario.  The General Partnership... ...
general partnership

What is a General Partnership?

Original Publish Date: Sept 28, 2016 As of October of 2021, the Ontario Government introduced the new Ontario Business Registry taking over for the old... ...
Business owner

Registering a Sole Proprietorship in Ontario

If you wish to register a Sole Proprietorship in Ontario, I am sure you have many questions and I am going to answer as many... ...
continuance into Ontario

Continuance into Ontario

Original Publish Date: Oct 23, 2017 What Are Articles of Continuance? If you have an existing corporation anywhere, whether inside of Canada or outside of... ...
sole proprietorship businesswoman at work

What Is A Sole Proprietorship?

Original publish date: March 18, 2016 A Sole Proprietorship is a business owned by one person who is responsible for the liability and taxation of... ...