What Is An Extra Provincial License And How Is It Obtained?

Extra Provincial License Essentials

There are many steps that foreign companies must take when registering their existing corporation in Ontario. An Extra Provincial License is required by these companies according to the Extra-Provincial Corporations Act.

Your business can obtain this license through Canada’s Ministry of Government Services by filing the necessary application and paperwork.

We help businesses like yours navigate this process and avoid many of the common mistakes that lead to unwanted delays.

Understanding the Extra Provincial Corporations Act

Foreign companies that wish to operate in Ontario are governed by the Extra Provincial Corporations Act. Businesses must meet a number of requirements including having a representative and location that operates in the Province of Ontario.

They must use their exact corporate name from the home jurisdiction of the corporation when registering their businesses in Ontario. Secondary business names (division of business names) can be registered once an Extra Provincial License has been acquired.

Understanding the requirements of Extra Provincial Licence is the first step to obtaining a license to operate in the Province of Ontario.

Businesses must have the proper legal resources to understand and comply with regulations. A copy of the Articles of Incorporation from the home jurisdiction along with a Certificate of Status/Good Standing/Compliance/Existence is required.

How to obtain your Extra Provincial Licence

Foreign businesses must obtain and submit a Certificate of Status. This is acquired from the home jurisdiction of the corporation and demonstrates the company’s name and incorporation date. The certificate also shows that a business is in good standing.

An agent or representative of foreign businesses must be located in Canada in order to correspond with others on behalf of the organization. Companies that don’t have an agent can hire someone to act as one. There must be an Ontario corporate address for the business.

Registration for the Extra Provincial Licence

Your application for an Extra Provincial Licence must be submitted with a duplicate copy. Both copies will contain original signatures, and an Agent for Service must also be appointed.

Your Certificate of Status must be submitted along with a copy of your Articles of Incorporation and signature from a director of the corporation.

You’ll need to include your corporation name, incorporation date, home jurisdiction, and evidence of the validity of your corporation. Applications must include a cover letter that includes your full name and contact information.

The cost of the application is $330 and can be made with money order or cheque, which is mailed to the Ministry of Government Services at the following address:

393 University Ave., Suite 200 Toronto, ON M5G 2M2

We help businesses complete this registration process along with filing the Initial Return, which details the addresses of the business office, its chief officer, and agent for service.

Obtaining an Extra Provincial Licence allows you to operate in the Province of Ontario. By submitting the proper information, you can begin your operations within Ontario.

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