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Changing From a Small Business to an Incorporated Company

If you currently have a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership and are looking to incorporate the same business, here is information to assist you in...
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Registering Your Master Business Licence

Ontario Business Central has been assisting individuals to register their business for over 20 years. From speaking with the consumers, we have compiled commonly asked...
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How To Search An Existing Business Within Canada

When a business is incorporated, registered or trademarked within any jurisdiction within Canada, the government within that jurisdiction maintains a public record of the business which is...
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How To Set Up A Not For Profit/Non Profit Corporation In Ontario

A not for profit corporation has a similar formation as a profit corporation benefits of being a separate legal entity from its members. A not for profit...
Canadian Incorporation Online

Incorporating In Canada

A federal or Canada corporation is completed through the federal government instead of any of the Provincial incorporations available across Canada...

Incorporating In Ontario

We have been assisting individuals to incorporate in the Province of Ontario for over 20 years. In speaking with clients everyday, we hear entrepreneurs common questions...
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What Is a NUANS Report?

If you are looking at starting a business, you may have heard of the word Nuans stated as (‘New-ons’) and wondering if you are required...
Find a Business Name

Choosing A Business Name

One of the most exciting aspects and sometimes difficult parts of starting a new business is finding a business name. If you are reading this, you...