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Desk with Social Media and Connection Concept

Social Media and your Business

With the world becoming more involved in technology, social media is an essential tool to help you grow your business. Some platforms may be more...
start a new business

How to Choose the Perfect Name For Your Business

What should I call my business? If you don’t know what to call your new business, you are not alone.  This is one of the...
corporate name change meeting

How to change the name of a corporation in Canada

If you have an existing Federal or Canada corporation and have decided to change the name of the corporation, the process to do this is...
adding a business partner

Considerations For Taking on a Business Partner

When you are looking at starting a business often people come together and believe that being in a partnership position provides strength to the business...
business idea

Do you work full time and have a business idea?

If you are working for someone else but have a great idea, something you would like to do, a business you would like to try...
Updating Your Business Activity

How to Change Your Business Activity

As a small business owner or self-employed individual, you may decide to make changes to your services. This will require you to make file a...
Extra Provincial License Essentials

What Is An Extra Provincial License And How Is It Obtained?

There are many steps that foreign companies must take when registering their existing corporation in Ontario. An Extra Provincial License is required by these companies...
corporate changes

Can the Articles of Incorporation in Ontario be changed?

One of the most important items provided with incorporating a business and having Articles of Incorporation is that any and all of the information provided within the original incorporation can be changed...