Browse our articles on making changes to incorporated or registered businesses. There are several points to be aware of when updating your business details.

how to change your business address

How Can You Change Your Business Address In Ontario?

A long-term successful business will probably change its address several times throughout the course of the years and decades it operates. Whether you run your small business out of your home and have recently moved,...
Legally Change A Business Name

Where to Change A Business Name

If you are a business owner in Ontario and want to legally change the name of your business, it is a fairly simple process. Read on and learn about the process. Reasons to change your business’s...
business partners incorporating company changes

How to change from a general partnership to an Incorporated company

If you currently own a general partnership where 2 or more individuals own the business and you would like or have been advised to incorporate your business, the change over to an incorporated business is...
change a sole proprietorship to a corporation

How to Change From A Sole Proprietorship to a Corporation

We are often asked how to change from an existing Sole Proprietorship to an Incorporated company. First, congratulations. Your business has most likely grown or changed to a point where incorporation is a potentially better...
business corporation

Changing From a Small Business to an Incorporated Company

If you currently have a Sole Proprietorship or General Partnership and are looking to incorporate the same business, here is information to assist you in completing. Why do people change from a Sole Proprietorship or...
Changing Master Business Licence

Changing/Amending Your Master Business Licence

Keeping your business records up to date and accurate are 2 of the most important things you need to do as a business owner. It is your responsibility to update the province within 15...
corporation changes - business meeting

How Can I Make Changes to Existing Ontario Corporation?

Often people don't realize how important it is to keep corporate records up to date with the Province of Ontario by filing a Notice of Change (form 1). It is the responsibility of the...

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