Things to do Before Incorporating your Business

The decision to incorporate your business is not always an easy one, though incorporation definitely has its advantages. If you have decided that incorporating is the right move for you, there are still some things you must consider so that you know exactly the best way to go about incorporating your business. Here are some things you must do before incorporating your business to ensure a smooth process and lay the groundwork for a profitable future.

Incorporate Business


The Right Way to Dissolve your Corporation

There are many reasons why you may choose to voluntarily dissolve your incorporated business. It may be that you’re closing up shop due to unfortunate circumstances, like no visible path to profit, or it may be a happier scenario, like you’ve been offered a great job somewhere. In any event, there are things you must consider and steps you must take to properly dissolve your business.

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Is it Necessary to Register your Logo?

Logos can be invaluable to a company’s success. What would McDonald’s be without the golden arches? Nike without its swoosh? Pepsi without its Ying-Yang-like logo? Having a great logo doesn’t have to just be for big International heavy-hitter brands–a strong logo could be equally important for your company. Your logo will live on your website, your business cards, and any other collateral, so it’s crucial that the logo sets the right tone.

Register Your Logo


federal vs ontario Non Profit Companies

What Is The Difference Between An Ontario And Federal Not For Profit Incorporation?

Overall information regarding a Not for Profit Incorporation

A Not for Profit or Non Profit incorporation is established to provide either services or products to the community without making profit.

These businesses are incorporating to support or improve the community.  A Not for Profit may generate revenues however the revenues stay within the organization to further its ability to promote and assist the community. 

Overall examples of Not for Profit Incorporations as are follows:

  • Sport or athletic organizations
  • Social Clubs
  • Professional or community organizations
  • Service Clubs


business search

How Do I Search An Existing Business?

If you wish to search an existing business anywhere within Canada, you can obtain a corporate profile report for the business within the jurisdiction is has been incorporated or registered within.

The information that is available is as follows:

  • Legal name of business
  • Business Address
  • How long the business has been incorporated or registered
  • Who the individuals or Directors/officer of the business are
  • If the business is active
  • Business Activity (not always provided)