How to Create Your First Podcast

how to create a podcast

Since 2014, podcasts have doubled in growth giving businesses, not for profit organizations, hobbyists and others another useful tool to connect with clients, supporters and interested individuals on any given topic.

In 2019, some of the most popular podcasts in Canada include The Happy Times, Canadaland, and Debt Free in 30.

If you are thinking you may be late in getting into doing podcasts, don’t.  Some of the hottest and best podcasts have come to light in the last year.

For many years, we have been blogging to give our clients information related to services we provide and general information for new and existing business owners that our clients may find useful and informative. Now, we are looking at doing our first podcast to offer a new way for new potential clients and existing clients to listen in and gain information in a new way at least to us.

I’ve spent a number of hours researching how to create a podcast and I felt it would be beneficial to pass on what I’ve learned to you in hopes it will be of benefit and hopefully reduce your investment time.

How to Start

Lay out a plan or roadmap

The first thing I am learning is to figure out the concept of what you wish to say to others.  In simple terms, you can take the knowledge you have come across to complete your blog writings and move it over to a podcast.

Captivating podcasts can be inspired in any number of ways. Learning the stories behind the beginnings of other podcasters can help you gain insight into how they began, grew and continue to use their podcasts as a useful tool for their business.

Each podcast should focus on one specific product or service or idea you wish to convey to listeners.  If previously, you have written a blog on How to create a home garden, now you can do a podcast with the same theme and focus.  It is important to keep focus on a specific topic instead of trying to do a general podcast such as all you need to know about gardening.

Set a path for your podcasts

From the first podcast you do moving forward, you will gather followers so it’s important to lead the listeners on a path that makes sense and follows from one to the next.  It is best to sit down and determine a list of topics you wish to discuss and or the questions you have had from people in order of topics.


Podcast 1
How to create a home garden

Podcast 2
How soil, weather and insects can affect your garden

Podcast 3
Let’s start planting

Podcast 4
What to look for in week 1 of your new garden

Podcast 5
What to look for in week 2 of your garden

Podcast 6
Maintenance for your garden as it grows

This should give you a strong backbone of podcasts over time to keep people tuned in for each update you do and also by compiling a list of topics that makes sense back to back, it allows the listener to easily move through consecutive podcasts one after another seamlessly.  If you take time before you complete a podcast layout, your podcasts overall will be much more successful.

What are the goals of your podcasts?

Podcasts provide the ability to give texture to your words and provide a voice of authority on the podcast subject matter.  It is important to speak of things you are very knowledgeable and confident about so when people are listening, they feel that you know what you are talking about.

Podcasts provide another layer in your business social media chain to compliment your existing blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn or any other related places people can find you or your business. This provides new opportunities to generate leads to new clients where they have the ability to find you and gain assertions that you are a leader within your industry, giving additional confidence to listeners who are looking at choosing to do business with.

Listen to your competitors, literally…

Take some time and get to know your podcast competitors and what they are doing.  It’s easy to find out by simply typing in your browser the subject line in this example “podcasts on home gardens” and a list will come up for you to tap in and hear what others are saying and not saying and where you can distinguish yourself from others.  This may take some time but it will be well worth your listening.

Choosing name of Podcast

Whether you have an existing business or are starting from scratch, choose a name for your overall Podcast title that is catchy and enticing to get people tuned in. An example of this may be something like ‘Lucious Home Gardens Podcast’ or ‘Living Earth Home Gardens Podcast’.

This is the overall name of your Podcast groupings, so it’s what people see and tap into for listening to podcasts related to your specific topics. It’s important to use keywords that represent your overall business.  This will not only help draw people in but also will assist your podcast to rank well with SEO.

As for having artwork, it is recommended that you get going with the name and each individual podcast and put the artwork on the backburner as you initially start.  I have included this link to assist you in choosing a podcast name.

You will also want to search the name you have chosen in Google by providing the business name + podcast to see if the name already exists. If you are starting a business and want to see if the business name already exists against existing businesses, we can assist you in this by offering the ability for you to search the business name within our list of services.

To check it out, please go to the following link:


Great Resources to help you further

I have spent time online finding resources to assist our business and yours in creating your first podcast.

You may find these the most informative, quick and easy to understand, out of the many that are out there.

Starting a Podcast

Choosing a host for your Podcast

Choosing the Podcast equipment

Drop me a message and let me know how it goes for you in creating your own podcast, and stay connected with us to see how our first Podcast fairs.

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