Canadian Small Scale Business Ideas

small scale business ideas for the canadian entreprenuer in 2019

Small Scale Business Ideas for the Canadian Entrepreneur in 2019

More and more Canadians have been going into business for themselves over the past few years. In fact, statistics of Canadian business registration show that a quarter of the country’s GDP over the past 10 years has come from small businesses. The majority of that has come from British Columbia (33 percent), followed by Alberta (32 percent), and Saskatchewan and Quebec were both tied at 30 percent.

Over 40,000 Canadians opted to run their own companies last year and used hired help to do so, according to Canadian business registration data. According to the research, small businesses employed over nine million people across Canada, that is about 70 percent of the total private labour force.

If you are looking for some ideas to start your own business this year, here are some tips:

Cleaning companies - This is an ideal scenario for almost any business owner as there is no specific training or experience needed, aside from a familiarity with the products most common to the industry.

Event management - If you enjoy planning and hosting events and activities, this is the right type of company to start. Entrepreneurs who are organized and sociable will do well. If you are just getting started, you may want to begin with a couple of smaller events until you learn the ropes.

Landscaping - For those who like to work outdoors, developing your own landscaping businesses is a great way to help others. Not only is it work that is often overlooked by homeowners and building managers, but there is also room for creativity to create a space that customers can enjoy.

Courier/delivery service - As Canada Post further winds down its operations, Canadians will be in more need of courier and delivery options to get their packages where they need to go. If you have an eye for detail and a mind for management, this may be the right business for you.

Pet care - Canadians love their animals, as research by the Canadian Animal Health Institute shows. There are over seven million dogs and more than eight million cats in need of care and attention around the country. For those who are passionate about pets, a pet care company would be an ideal fit.

Bakery/cake decorating - Do you have an interest in design beautiful and delicious desserts? Opening up your own business as a bakery or cake decorating might be just the thing.

Photographer - For those who are skilled with a camera there will always be plenty of work. Professional photography is more than just weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations, it has become central to our image-obsessed society. From business headshots to school photos, entrepreneurs will have lots of clients to choose from.

Junk Removal - It might be a messy job but an important one. Canadians throw away 31 million tonnes of garbage per year, that is about 2.7 kg of garbage each day for every person in the country. If you are looking to start a sustainable business, junk removal is definitely it.

20 small business ideas for 2019 infographic
20 small business ideas for 2019 infographic
20 small business ideas for 2019 infographic
20 small business ideas for 2019 infographic