Register/Renew a Business as a New or Non-Resident in Canada

It’s never been easier to register your business in Canada.

The rate of new immigrants coming into Canada who become self employed has been on the rise since the early 1980’s, with a total of more than 20% of all business owners in Canada being people such as yourself, who come to Canada not only wanting a better life but also offering one as well.

At Ontario Business Central, we celebrate entrepreneurs who want to achieve something new for themselves. To register and start a business, in most circumstances, you are not required to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident.

You can register a Sole Proprietor or Proprietorship as one individual or a General Partnership or Partnership if there are 2 or more individuals registering the business.

Let’s get your new business started!

Simply select the Province your business will operate within and, through our easy online application, provide the details to register your business. Most registrations can be completed on a same day basis. We will email you as we process your application through to completion.