New and Non-Residents to Canada

Ontario Business Central would like to first of all provide you with a warm welcome to Canada.

Each year roughly one million new immigrants decide to make Canada their home. On average, 150,000 new businesses are created each year in Canada and like you, many new immigrants want to start or continue their businesses and flourish in this great country.

What Does an Incorporated Company in Canada Offer Overall?

  • Name protection for the business
  • Low corporate tax rate
  • No requirements for minimal capital in the corporation
  • Raise capital
  • Personal protection from the liability of the corporation
  • orporation is taxed separately from individual owners
  • 25% of the directors are required to be Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents

What is a Business Registration?

A Business Registration or Master Business Licence allows you to operate a business within the Province the business will operate within without being a Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen to Canada.

What does a business registration offer to you?

  • A legal business you may operate in the Province the business operates within
  • Easy and inexpensive to establish
  • Sole ownership of the business
  • Full control of the business operation and revenues
  • No minimum financial requirements for the registration
  • The business name does not have name protection therefore others can use the name
  • Personal liability and taxation for the business operation and revenues

Starting a Business in Canada

Canada not only ranks as number 1 around the world when considering the quality of life rankings but also offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to thrive in a marketplace which is economically stable, secure and offers one of the lowest corporate tax rates throughout the world.

At Ontario Business Central, we specialize in assisting those who wish to start a business in Canada, to provide the tools and support needed to either incorporate or register and provide opportunities as your business grows.

Individual Person
Status in Canada Business setup opportunities
Landed Immigrant All Business Registrations across Canada
  B.C. Incorporation as Sole Director
  All other Provincial Incorporations with 25% CND ownership
  Federal Incorporation with 25% CND ownership
Permanent Resident All Business registrations across Canada
  All Provincial Incorporations across Canada as Sole Director
  Federal Incorporation
Visa Students who want to open business Must apply to change status with IRCC 1-888-242-2100
Existing Corporation
Corporation inside Canada but outside Ontario Form 2 Initial Notice is required
Corporation outside of Canada wanting to operate in Ontario Extra Provincial Licence

Ontario Business Central offers other options that are not listed on our website. If you don’t see what you would like to do, please give our office a call and discuss with one of friendly, knowledgeable staff.

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